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The Original Peck’s Title Book – includes shipping and handling plus one year of revision service.  (This is for an actual book and does not include online access.  If you are looking for online access, please click here.)

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Peck’s Title Book Includes:

  • Heavy-duty casebound 6-ring binder with the same durability as a hard covered bound book
  • Color sample documents and information for all 50 states plus Washington DC
  • Lien Information by State quick reference guide
  • Motor Vehicle Directory
  • Odometer Disclosure Requirements/Truth in Mileage Implementation dates
  • Social Security Number allocations/Vehicle Identification Number information
  • Title Issuing States quick reference guide
  • Title Fee/Tax quick reference guide
  • Transfer Requirements by State quick reference guide
  • Full color sample Driver License Guide

Sample Documents shown for Each State:

  • Front and back of Certificate of Title in full color
  • Registration card in full color
  • Application for Title

Information for Each State Contains:

Department of Motor Vehicle contact information including website address.

Title and Proof of Ownership – Which vehicles/vessels are required to be titled, including manufactured homes; where application for title is made and fee; what ownership documents are required; how brands are shown on titles; requirements for obtaining title to salvage, rebuilt, junk, and abandoned vehicles; how to obtain duplicate and amended titles; when VIN inspections are required.

Lien Law – Filing requirements for protection of secured party; filing mechanic’s/garageman’s liens; requirements for releasing liens; location of records; UCC filing information; electronic lien & title procedures.

Transfer of Title – Procedure for transfer; how to add/remove a party from a title; joint ownership requirements; transfer upon death of an owner; when notarization is required; power of attorney requirements.

Repossession – Information for both home state and out-of-state repossession.

Registration – Which vehicles are required to be registered; where vehicles are registered and renewed; expiration dates of registration and late fees; special registration permits issues; military registration exemptions; and plate, dealer’s plate, and manufacturer’s plate information.

Taxes – Sales tax, use tax, property tax, and heavy vehicle use tax information.

Registration/Plate Fees – Registration fees; personalized plates; refund information; duplicate and replacement fees.

General Information – Leased vehicle information; insurance requirements; emission inspection; motor vehicle safety inspection; record searches; law enforcement contact information.

Driver’s License – Fees; expiration and duration; renewal; license classes and endorsements.

The Original Peck’s Title Book is revised periodically and supplemented as changes in laws occur.  Book subscribers will receive one year of revision service, which includes three sets of updated material throughout the year.  This is for a book and does not include online access.  If you would like a book with online access, please click here.


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