1. How much is a subscription? A subscription to the Peck’s Title Book is $264.00. This includes shipping & handling plus one year of revision service. A one-year subscription to the Peck’s Title Book Online is $264.00. There is a discount for book renewals and online recurring subscriptions.
  2. What is the difference between the Peck’s Title Book and Peck’s Title Book Online? Both products contain the same great information; however, the online product has many additional features, including links to available forms, fee and tax calculators, and DMV locations. Plus the Peck’s Title Book Online is updated in real time. As soon as we receive notification of a change, we can get it published within the same day. Book subscribers must wait until the information is printed and mailed.
  3. Do I need special software to use the Peck’s Title Book Online? You must have a PDF viewer (i.e. Adobe Reader) installed on your computer. Our website is compatible with the following browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. Internet Explorer users may have trouble viewing the interactive map. If you do not have the option to use a website browser other than Internet Explorer, please use the link that says “Click Here” to view a list of states.
  4. How do I get access to the Peck’s Title Book Online? Please choose a Subscription.
  5. Can we share logins with others in our organization? We do not recommend sharing logins due to privacy concerns. We offer discounted corporate rates for those organizations that need multiple users. Our website does not allow multiple simultaneous logins.
  6. How often is the book updated? Revision packets for the Peck’s Title Book are mailed out three times per year. The Peck’s Title Book Online is updated on a continual basis.
  7. I have a broken binder, who do I contact? Please contact us.
  8. What are your business hours? We are open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Mountain time.
  9. What is your refund policy? If you are not completely satisfied with your Peck’s Title Book purchase, you may return the book within 30 days in it’s original condition for a full refund. For the Peck’s Title Book Online, if you have not viewed any documents, a full refund will be issued within 30 days of purchase. Please see the sample pages and sample state prior to purchase.
  10. How do I make changes to my account? Please Login and go to the Account Page. You may make changes to your name, email, address, phone, or password; however, you may not change your username. If you have forgotten your password, please click on “Forgot Password” on the Login page.
  11. When does my subscription expire or renew? Please Login and go to the Account page. Navigate to the Subscriptions tab, where you will find the expiration date for your subscription. If you have a recurring subscription, the expiration date listed is the date your subscription will renew.
  12. My recurring subscription lapsed due to an expired credit card. How do I reinstate access? Please Login and go to the Account page. Navigate to the Subscriptions tab and click the “update” link there. You will be taken to a page where you will be able to update your payment details. Your subscription should renew within a few business days. If you need immediate access, please contact us.